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15 august 2013

Improving the energy efficiency of KAPO, OJSC

Повышение энергоэффективноcти ОАО «КАПО»
Since 2013, GlobalElectroService, OJSC has been implementing a project for improving the energy efficiency of Kazan Aircraft Production Association n.a.Gorbunov (KAPO). KAPO, OJSC is the owner of the project.
Within the framework of the project, GlobalElectroService, OJSC has developed and is undertaking activities which are directed at the replacement of purchased thermal energy (hot water and steam) from the power supplying company by creation of its own generation plant based on natural gas. The activities include construction of gas boiler houses with a total power of 50 МW intended to meet the needs of the plant in heat and process steam.

Heating of the basic production premises is carried out with use of the equipment of air-gas heating with total power more than 80
МW. To connect the new generation capacity networks of gas supply, electrical supply, water supply and disposal system, we are constructing heating networks and steam pipelines.

A peculiar feature of this project is the provision of energy services through the investments provided by GlobalElectroService, OJSC. The customer pays for the activities from the savings made.
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