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5 march 2015

GlobalElectroService has completed the construction of the 330 kV Overhead Line “Nalchik-Vladikavkaz-2”

Строительство ВЛ 330 кВ «Нальчик -Владикавказ-2»
GlobalElectroService OJSC has completed the construction of the 330 kV overhead line “Nalchik-Vladikavkaz-2,” with the expansion of the 330 kV substations “Nalchik” and “Vladikavkaz-2”. The new line will increase the reliability of electricity supplies to consumers in the North Caucasian Republics and will optimize the transit of electricity to the Republic of Dagestan. The cost of the project amounted to 5.5 billion rubles.
The branch of Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (JSC FGC UES) – Backbone Electric Grids (MES) of South acted as the customer for the project.
The new 330 kV overhead line “Nalchik-Vladikavkaz-2,” which is 140.5 km in length, passes through two constituent entities of the Russian Federation: the Kabardino-Balkar Republic and the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania. 866 support structures were established under the project, the transmission capacity is 300 MW.
At “Vladikavkaz-2” 330 substation, a number of operations on the reconstruction of two cells and the installation of a new cell on the territory of the 330 kV open switchgear have been performed in order to connect the new overhead line, as well as the installation of an ice melter, relay protection devices, and an automatic energy response system. Two 330 kV/110 kV cells with an ice melting transformer have been installed at “Nalchik” 330 kV substation.
The construction of the 330 kV overhead line “Nalchik-Vladikavkaz-2” allows to increase the capacity of a section of the Southern Unified Energy System – the south-eastern part of the Southern Unified Energy System (330 kV overhead line “Budennovsk – Chiryurt”, “Prokhladnaya-2 – Mozdok”, “Nevinnomyssk - Vladikavkaz-2”) – in both full capacity and post-accident mode. In the most severe post-accident mode, when two 330 kV overhead lines that pass through the same corridor are shut off (“Prokhladnaya-2 – Mozdok” and “Nevinnomyssk – Vladikavkaz-2” (executed in 500 kV)), the 330 kV overhead line “Nalchik-Vladikavkaz-2” increases the throughput capacity of the network by 250 MW (up to 1,300 MW) and ensures the provision of the required transmission power from the Southern Electronics System Division towards the North Caucasus, Ingushetia, Dagestan and Grozny power systems. 
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