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23 july 2014

Construction of a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHPP) in Sovetskaya Gavan

Строительство ТЭЦ в г. Советская Гавань

GlobalElectroService is working on a project of construction of the Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHPP) with rated output power of 126 МW, heat power – 200 Gcal/h in Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk Krai). The customer is CHPP in Sovetskaya Gavan, CJSC (RusHydro, OJSC, 100% subsidiary and affiliate under control of RAO Energy System of the East, OJSC).

Two steam turbines, two turbo-generators, and three power-generating boilers will be
installed on an area of 27.33 hectares. The main fuel will be hard coal from the Urgalsk deposit, and the start-up fuel will be diesel.

The electric power supply to the Vanino-Sovetskaya Gavan Load Center of Khabarovsk Power Distribution System will be arranged using the 110 kV double-circuit
high-voltage line (now under construction) through the 220/110kV Vanino Substation. Heat power from the CHPP to users of Sovetskaya Gavan and nearby inhabited villages is supplied via an independent grid connection of urban users to the CHPP water network through water-to-water heat exchangers. In this case, network pipelines of the CHPP will not be hydraulically connected with urban heating networks.

Given the tight schedule, construction is supposed to be conducted simultaneously on all major sub-units of the CHPP within a single starting facility.

The CHPP in Sovetskaya Gavan is one of the four priority investment projects of Rus Hydro, OJSC that are carried out together with Holding RAO ES of East. New capacity-building works are carried out under the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the development of the Far East energy sector.



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