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14 november 2014

GlobalElectroService will construct a electric power delivery line from Yakutskaya SDPS (State District Power Station)-2

Схема выдачи электрической мощности от Якутской ГРЭС-2
GlobalElectroService, OJSC is performing a package of works for the construction of electric power delivery line from Yakutskaya SDPS-2. The customer is RAO Energy System of East OJSC (part of RusHydro Group).
According to the contract, the company will perform works to construct a high-voltage line (110 kV) more than 75 km in length. The new line will connect Yakutskaya SDPS-2 with electrical networks of the city of Yakutsk.
The first phase of Yakutskaya SDPS-2 is one of the four projects in the investment program of RusHydro OJSC, involving the construction of new power generation objects in the Far East, being implemented jointly with RAO Energy System of East OJSC and following the orders contained in the Russian President’s Decree. For these purposes, RUB 50 bln have been allocated from the RF national budget. The installed electric power capacity of the first phase of the new Yakutskaya SDPS will be 193 MW, and thermal power – 469 Gcal/h.  
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