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19 december 2012

Construction of the energy infrastructure facilities of the Elginsky surface coal mine

Создание объектов энергетической инфраструктуры Эльгинского угольного разреза
GlobalElectroService, OJSC is performing works within the framework of construction of the energy infrastructure facilities of the Elginsky surface coal mine. The construction was ordered by the Center for Engineering and Construction Management (CECM) of East, a branch of the CECM of UES, OJSC.
The purpose of the project is to provide the future infrastructure of the Elginsky surface coal mine of Mechel, OJSC with electric power.
The project provides for the construction of two 220 kV Prizejskaya – Elgaugol high-voltage (HV) lines, the 220 kV Elgaugol substation (SS), 220 kV substation A and 220 kV substation B, as well as expansion of the 220 kV open switchgear (OS) of the 220 kV Prizejsky substation.
The 220 kV HV 251 km long line is constructed in two circuits on separate towers. As a part of the line, two big power transmission transits - across the Zejsky man-made lake (2 km) and across the Demka River (1.2 km) – are planned to be built.

Elgaugol substation provides electric power for the facilities of the surface coal mine, including the mining and processing plant, process equipment, and living quarters for 5,000 people.

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