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22 december 2014 — St. Petersburg TV Channel

A New Era: Vasileostrovskaya Completes Petersburg’s Small Energy Ring

 Starting from today, blackouts are a thing of the past. Vasileostrovskaya Substation has opened in St. Petersburg, completing the long-awaited small energy ring. Over the last five years, the work done on this project was not only daunting but also unique; they even had to drag a cable along the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. Aleksey Zhukov went to find out how powerful the new substation is.

Of a new era of energy stability has started In St. Petersburg with the push of a single button. Vasileostrovskaya Substation launched today is the fifth and final link in the small energy ring of the Northern capital. You can compare the scale of the project with the construction of the KAD, the ZSD, the new Pulkovo airport terminal, and the Expoforum. Incidentally, all of these facilities are now powered by units in the energy ring and its substations – part of a giant modern power grid enveloping St. Petersburg. “If we’re talking about the business division of labor, then the technological equipment used in construction of the substation is from Switzerland, Finland, Ukraine, and Russia,” said Igor Albin, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg. “This facility is truly unique in every way.”

The substation is a guarantor of uninterrupted power supply for the more than two hundred thousand inhabitants of Vasilyevsky Island. The price of this stability: 12.5 billion roubles.

Alexey Zhukov, correspondent: “Perhaps most importantly, the new substation is built on perspective. It’s powerful enough to power the whole Vasilyevsky Island, as well as strategic facilities on the other shore, including the stadium on Krestovsky Island, a new metro station there, and dozens of buildings to be involved in putting on the World Cup in 2018.”

It was decided to establish a new energy source for the city anew after a global blackout in 2010, which left the more than two million citizens of St. Petersburg without light. The metro trains and traffic lights stopped working, and the city was awash with traffic accidents.

In October of 2011, people were without light in Kupchino. The people of Malaya Okhta still remember the pitch blackness happened in the early days of November that year. Andrey Murov, Chairman of the FGC UES: “What’s important? What’s the point of the ring? If there’s a technological breakdown at one site, the other lines will provide backup, so it’s a really major achievement.” The general contractor deserves special thanks today for its contribution to the project.

Apart from the construction of the substation, GlobalElectroService completed a project that was unique to the whole country – running 4 km of cable on the bottom of the Gulf of Finland.

Eldar Nagaplov, General Director of GlobalElectroService OJSC: “I want to thank our valued customers represented by the Federal Grid Company.  Andrey Yevgenyevich, thank you very much for your trust. I am confident that many interesting projects still await us.”

The next stage is building a large energy ring – though it’s still early to talk about its construction. There are no plans for energy facilities from 2015 to 2019. The work that’s already been done should last for decades.
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