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22 december 2014 — St. Petersburg TV Channel
Starting from today, blackouts are a thing of the past. Vasileostrovskaya Substation has opened in St. Petersburg, completing the long-awaited small energy ring. Over the last five years, the work done on this project was not only daunting but also unique; they even had to drag a cable along the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. Aleksey Zhukov went to find out how powerful the new substation is.   
12 november 2014 — PRIME
RAO Energy Systems of East OJSC (part of RusHydro) has announced the results of a tender to select a general contractor for construction of high-voltage power lines from Yakutsk GRES-2. GlobalElectroService of Summa Group won the auction, RusHydro said in a statement. The amount of the winning offer was 2.595 billion roubles.   
31 july 2014 — ITAR-TASS
RAO Energy Systems of East (part of RusHydro Group) has announced that GlobalElectroService has won a tender for a general contractor on a project to construct heating networks from Yakutsk GRES-2 (state regional power station) to the city of Yakutsk. The cost of the proposal amounted to 1.519 billion roubles, with a maximum price of 2.053 billion roubles, RusHydro’s press service stated.   
17 june 2014 — Interfax
RAO Energy Systems of the East Group (part of RusHydro) held a retendering competition to select a general contractor for construction of the Sovgavansky Thermal Power Plant in Khabarovsky Krai. GlobalElectroService OJSC (part of Ziyavudin Magomedov’s Summa Group) offered the lowest price, according to the information on the company’s procurement site.   
6 june 2014 — Kommersant
Summa Group has created a new management company, Transengineering. This framework will unite construction companies owned by the Group, with total revenue of over 35 billion roubles. Summa thus anticipates saving money on the business financial and legal support. However, the assets merger could lead to reduced profitability of the business, lawyers warn.   
5 june 2014 — Vedomosti
One of FGC’s main contractors, GlobalElectroService, may receive a major contract from RusHydro in the Far East, following from the minutes of a procurement commission meeting hosted on the state purchases website.   
16 january 2014 — Interfax
GlobalElectroService OJSC, controlled by Summa Group, has signed a contract with MES South, a branch of FGC UES (MOEX: FEES), to construct a 330 kV high-voltage line from Zelenchukskaya Hydropower Plant to Cherkessk Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant, Summa stated.   
19 december 2013 — ITAR-TASS
GlobalElectroService, OJSC (part of Summa Group) has completed a project to build a high-voltage line to connect energy grids in the Urals and Siberia, bypassing Kazakhstan, the company stated.   
22 november 2013 — RIA Novosti
The North-West Main Power Grid, a branch of FGC UES, put a 330 kilovolt (kV) energy ring worth 32 billion rubles into operation on Friday; the network has connected four high-voltage substations, which will significantly increase the energy security of the region, said FGC Chairman Andrey Murov.   
31 october 2013 — Energyland.info
GlobalElectroService OJSC and Tesmec S.p.A. (Italy) have signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation in the electric power sector as part of the International Power Forum UPGrid 2013 in Moscow – in particular, cooperation in constructing intelligent grids (Smart Grid).   
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