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«ГлобалЭлектроСервис» примет участие в Международном электроэнергетическом форуме Rugrids-Electro
14 october 2016
OJSC GlobalElectroService will take part in Rugrids-Electro International Electric Power Forum to be held at the International Trade Center in Moscow on October 18–19, 2016. The forum is organised by PJSC Rosseti.   
Жители Советской Гавани посетили стройплощадку ТЭЦ
15 august 2016
OJSC GlobalElectroService (part of the Summa Group) and JSC TPP in Sovetskaya Gavan (acting as the TPP customer and developer and a subsidiary of PJSC RusHydro) opened the thermal power plant construction site in the town of Sovetskaya Gavan for visitors on 14 August, the Builder's Day. The event was attended by over 70 residents interested in construction progress of a major energy facility on the coast of the Strait of Tartary.   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис» приступил к закрытию теплового контура главного корпуса ТЭЦ в Советской Гавани
26 april 2016
OJSC GlobalElectroService proceeded to close the thermal circuit at the main building of a thermal power plant in the town of Sovetskaya Gavan.   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис» реализовал проект по повышению энергоэффективности  КАЗ им. С.П. Горбунова
23 march 2016
The public company GlobalElectroService delivered a project aimed at raising the efficiency of using energy resources at Kazan Aircraft Plant named after S.P. Gorbunov – a branch of Tupolev OJSC (prior to June 2014 – Kazan S.P. Gorbunov Aircraft Manufacturing Association – KAPO). The given project is special in that the energy services are provided at the expense of GlobalElectroService’s investments. The client makes payment for the services rendered from the funds saved as a result of this innovation.   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис» завершил строительство инфраструктуры для выдачи мощности блока N 1 Нововоронежской-2 АЭС
23 december 2015
GlobalElectroService Public Joint Stock Company has completed the construction of infrastructure for power delivery from block #1 of Novovoronezhskaya-2 NPS. The Federal Grid Company successfully tested under the operating voltage the 500-kV power transmission line Donskaya – Eletskaya, built as part of the power distribution scheme for Novovoronezhskaya NPS-2. The new line markedly enhances the reliability of power supply to the Lipetsk Region via the 500-kV Eletskaya Substation and ensures the power output from block #1 of Novovoronezhskaya-2 (Donskaya) NPS.   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис» завершил строительство участка ВЛ 110 кВ «Бийская ТЭЦ - ПС 110/10 кВ Бирюзовая Катунь»
30 october 2015
OJSC GlobalElectroService has completed construction of the 110 kV overhead line section Biyskaya CHP Plant – the 110/10 kV Biryuzovaya Katun substation.   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис»  завершил очередной этап строительства контейнерного терминала для БСК
23 october 2015
OJSC GlobalElectroService has completed the next phase of construction of the container terminal for LLC Baltic Stevedore Company (BSC).
A point of detailed container examination was built as part of the project; biological purification plants were erected along with premises for the disposal of contaminated quarantineable products.   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис» построил ВЛ 220 кВ и ВЛ 110 кВ для выдачи мощности Ново-Салаватской ТЭЦ
8 october 2015
OJSC GlobalElectroService has energized the 220 kV overhead line Novo-Salavatskaya CHP Plant – Ashkadar and the 110 kV overhead line Novo-Salavatskaya CHP Plant – Samarovka for power delivery from Novo-Salavatskaya CHP Plant   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис»  вошел в ТОП-1000 успешных российских поставщиков
28 september 2015
OJSC GlobalElectroService was included in the TOP-1000 list of successful Russian suppliers. The list was drawn by experts, based on the results of tenders held on the electronic trading venue B2B-Center in 2014.   
«ГлобалЭлектроСервис» приступил к монтажу каркаса котла №1 на ТЭЦ в Советской Гавани
17 september 2015
OJSC GlobalElectroService has started work on installation of the Boiler #1 at CHP Plant in Sovetskaya Gavan. Total weight of the carcass metalwork comes to 462 tons. The company plans to complete the first stage of works on installation of the carcass of the Boiler #1 in November 2015, when it will also start the assembly of heating surfaces and other elements. Installation of the boiler with the output of 210 tons of steam per hour will be fully completed in summer 2016. Installation of the carcass of the Boiler #2 will commence in October 2015.   
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